2017 Chrysler Pacifica, Family Car of the Year

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

2017 Chrysler Pacifica; the legend continues!

In 1984 Chrysler introduced the Caravan, America’s first true soccer mom minivan. In the decades since the company has undergone many fluctuations of fortune; changing ownership several times, going through bankruptcy and refocusing its direction, but the iconic minivan series lives on into its sixth generation as the Pacifica.
Over the passing decades the Chrysler minivan has offered great value for those needing a family friendly vehicle to haul kids and gear. That is even more true today. The 1984 base model Caravan introduced by Chrysler under the Dodge brand had a suggested retail, according to NADA Guides, of $9105. Today the base sixth generation Pacifica model has a suggested price of $28,995. If you adjust for inflation the asking price of a new Pacifica is only $700 more. Considering what the new model offers that wasn’t available on the original it becomes a tremendous buy. `
The Pacifica comes standard with the Pentastar V6, 3.6 liter engine coupled to a 9 speed automatic transmission that earns an impressive fuel efficiency of up to 28 mpg highway. Stability control, air bags, anti-lock braking, air conditioning, 2 sliding doors and much more make even the base model Pacifica a functional and worthy vehicle.
You can add all of the latest automotive technology to your minivan. Some of the options available are; adaptive cruise control

Pacifica interior

      Room enough for the family in comfort

that will maintain a set distance behind the car ahead of you and come to a full stop if needed, 8.4 inch U-Connect infotainment with back up camera and 360 surround view, cross traffic alerts, blind spot monitors, power opening side and rear doors, built in vacuum cleaner, rear seat entertainment with 2 LED screens and even Hybrid power.
The all new Plug-In Hybrid edition of the Pacifica was selected by the Texas Auto Writer’s as this year’s Family Car of the Year, as well as winning the Green Vehicle and Mini Van categories. You can drive up to 33 miles at up to 75 miles per hour and not burn a drop of gas with the Hybrid option! It gives a total range of over 500 miles on a tank of gas, more than enough for the average soccer Mom to make the rounds for a couple of weeks. It also qualifies for tax incentives that bring the cost within the reach of many small families.
The Pacifica driving experience is smooth and quiet. The V6 engine provides more than enough power for very un-minivan like acceleration and a towing limit of 3600 pounds to haul your toys. The interior is well laid out with Stow & Go seats that fold into the floor for huge storage capacity. The design focuses on making the Pacifica user friendly for kids and adults, with great success.
The lineup of trim levels, color selections and both technical and comfort options allow the buyer to customize the Pacifica to meet their needs and budget.
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Reviewed on air May 13, 2017, listen to John, Jim and Lynn