2017 Ford F250 Super Duty; work or play truck

Exterior of F250 Super Duty

The 2017 Ford F250 is all new; from the frame up the Super Duty focuses on massive strength and capability. F250.

Ford started with a high strength steel frame that is boxed and reinforced to carry the loads that will face the F250. They set an aluminum body and bed, partly taken from the popular and proven F150 series, on the strengthened platform.  The new cabs are larger, adding 6 inches to the extended cab and 4 to the crew cab. This provides more leg room for all the passengers. The aluminum saves several hundred pounds, but most of that savings is reinvested in the beefed up frame work, bigger axles and upgraded suspension.

The F250 Super Duty is available in 3 cabs, 2 bed lengths and 5 trim levels making it possible to find the right combination for whatever you plan to do. The pricing on the truck moves up rapidly with trim and accessories from the entry level sticker of $32,000 to the asking price of $62,000 on the Platinum. Our test truck, a fully loaded Lariat, was just over 70 grand with destination charges. The great performance and comfort of the truck can almost make you forget the stunning price tag. 

The base XL model is Ford’s work truck version of the F250 with manual windows and locks, vinyl floors, automatic 6 speed transmission and the beefed up 6.2 liter V8 making 385 horsepower. The 6.7 diesel with 440 horses and a staggering 925 pounds of torque is also available and if you plan to work hard it may be worth the investment.

F250, Built to Tow

Our test Lariat was equipped with the trailer tow package that included the trailer camera system. This new Ford exclusive lets you attach a camera to the rear of the towed trailer and also provides 2 rear view cameras, a 360 degree birds eye view, cross traffic alerts and blind spot monitors that will cover the side of a trailer up to 30 feet long. If you haul a work trailer or RV this can be a handy accessory that will help even the novice hauler have a safe trip.

The 2017 Ford F250 we drove came with the leather interior featuring heated and cooled, 10 way adjustable seats, tilt and telescoping steering column and adjustable pedals that all combine to allow almost anyone to find a safe and comfortable driving position. Infotainment is handled by the Ford Sync 3 system including navigation, satellite radio, Bluetooth and both Apple Car Play with Siri eyes

interior view of F259

Infotainment is handled by the Sync 3 system in a                very comfortable cabin

free and Android Auto. The system connects quickly and is very intuitive to use. There are also knobs or buttons for almost every function of the touch screen making the system easy to use with gloves on, or for those of us who don’t trust touch screens. The natural voice activated commands work well and make using the high tech info center safer while driving.

The cabin contains as much new technology as the powerplant and body. The seats incorporate air chambers to ease the stress of long drives and you can order massaging seats that work the kinks out of you back and upper legs. The cup holder has a sliding lid that can either move a little to secure your cups in place of slide completely over to make the 2 cup holders into 4. There is a 110 volt, 400 watt power outlet in addition to the abundant USB and power point slots. The rear seats fold up and the lockable storage flips down to provide a flat loading area in the back cabin.

Big Truck for big jobs, or hard play

The Ford F250 Super Duty is a big truck in every dimension. You have to watch the overhead clearance in parking garages, and learn to negotiate parking lots and narrow lanes with the just under 9 foot wide truck; however, once you adapt to the size this is a very comfortable vehicle to drive. The ride is smooth, especially in the longer wheelbase model and the acceleration with the 6.7 diesel is absolutely amazing for such a big and heavy pickup.

The upgraded 6.7 liter diesel, frame and suspension boost the towing ability of the Super Duty F250 to 32,500 pounds on a gooseneck. Ford offers a factory installed gooseneck hitch that leaves a flat load floor when not in use. They also provide factory installed connections for a 5th wheel.

Once you have the trailer connected Ford provides a seven camera system to monitor what’s around you, including one camera that installs on the back of the towed trailer. The camera system makes it possible for the Ford F250 to include an exclusive back up assist that makes quick and safe work of putting the trailer exactly where you want it. Whether it is backing the RV into a parking slip, or putting the work trailer against a loading dock the F250 makes it simple even for the novice.

The new Ford F250 Super Duty is designed to make spending hours behind the wheel comfortable and productive. It does that amazingly well.

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Review on air June 3, 2017. Listen to the review here.