2017 Lexus GS F, Performance and Comfort

GS F side view

The 2017 Lexus GS F is an example of what it is possible to do with a personal luxury car. The GS F combines style, comfort and performance in a well balanced package that is almost flawless. After 300 miles of urban and rural driving on both twisty turns and stop and go traffic the car continued to impress with its relaxed attitude and aggressive performance.

The GS line begins with the GS Turbo at about $46,000 offering 241 horsepower from one of Lexus’ few turbo charged engines. The lineup also includes a 350 and a 450 hybrid version, each with the F Sport option package to make them more fun to drive. The GS F is not just another option package and rates its own web page on the Lexus site because it stands apart even among other GS models.

The heart of the GS F is the 5.0 liter V8

kicking out 467 horsepower. While some of the competition can claim more power they would be hard pressed to match the balance of power and luxury found on the GS F. Coupled to an eight speed transmission and connected to the ground by an electronically controlled torque vectoring differential the GS F delivers its 389 pounds of torque aggressively.

Stopping is done with 6 piston caliper Brembo brakes on the front and 4 piston calipers on the rear controlled by an advance

Brembo brakes and vented fenders

Brembo brakes and vented fenders

electronic stability system that will keep the car in a straight line no matter the road conditions.

The luxury smooth

yet performance orientated ride is managed by F-Adaptive Variable Suspension dampners that respond to road and driving conditions instantly.  Each wheel can respond with a different shock absorbing strategy improving stability and performance. This is the biggest change on the 2017 model GS F and makes a tremendous improvement in the ability of the GS to offer stunning performance on the track and country club comfort on the road.

Exterior styling of the GS F is very typical Lexus with the audacious front stance dominated by the huge grille and slanted lighting. Side lines are bold and tapered LED lamps wrap around rear. There are two functional air intake scoops in the front fascia that help air flow over the trans and engine oil coolers. There are also air vents in each front fender to take heat away from the engine. Poking through the rear lower bumper are 4 exhaust tips that emit a throaty note promising expletive inspiring adventure.

Lexus is good about designing large door openings to allow easy entry, even for those with limited mobility. Once in the cabin you find racing inspired seating that gives firm support in the tightest turns while cushioning the bumps and jars of on road driving. The instrument panel is fighter jet inspired placing multi-colored information clearly before the pilot and allowing the selection of display data each circumstance requires; from g force meters to traction distribution.

Seats in GS F

Special edition seats for added control and excellent comfort

The extraordinarily comfortable GS F seats feature 10 way power adjustments plus heat and cooling. The tilt and telescoping steering column retracts with key off to allow for easier exit. All of the controls are placed for easy access. Voice controls quickly learn to recognize your commands and make most common functions hands free.

The Lexus Entune infortainment

center features one of the largest screens available at 12.3 inches and  offers navigation with predictive traffic, an app suite, Bluetooth connectivity and on board maintenance records and reminders. The system is controlled by a joy stick to move the cursor from icon to icon on the large screen. A tap of the stick selects the function. The joy stick does have a bit of haptic feedback that helps the user adapt to the system. At first it takes a little of concentration that could distract from driving but the driver will quickly adjust. This method of operation for the infotainment is much easier to use than the touch pad used in some other Lexus models.

The GS F comes with a very limited option list. You can choose to upgrade to the Mark Levinson Audio system, elect to have lighted sill moldings, select hand polished wheels and you can pick your exterior, upholstery and brake caliper colors. Everything else is included in the base price of $83,980. There are also add-ons like floor mats, cargo nets and coin holders that you can have the dealer install.

While the top of the line GS F is almost twice the price of the entry model GS 300 Turbo it is easily twice the car. It inspires driver confidence and lives up to all the claims made by the Lexus marketing department.

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 Reviewed on air July 28, 2017 Listen to the review here.