2018 Toyota C-HR, Safe and Dependable at the Right Price

keyless start button

2018 Toyota C-HR Toyota’s new entry into the sub-compact CUV market, the C-HR, is aimed at the price conscious young tech savvy segment. Those wanting all the latest in safety technology can find it on the C-HR without having to buy luxury packages that add to the bottom line and drive payments beyond the reach of beginning families or fixed … Read More

2018 Toyota Camry, America’s Most Popular Sedan

Camrys comng and going

2018 Toyota Camry, America’s Most Popular Sedan The Toyota Camry has long been America’s best selling sedan and for 2018 Toyota released a full redesign from chassis up to keep their bread and butter four door at the top of the sales charts. There is no single reason for the Camry success. It is not the sportiest, nor the most … Read More

Lexus LX 570, Luxury from Hunting Ranch to Opera House

LX 570 driving in sand

Utility vehicles have become the fastest growing segment of the auto industry expanding from a niche market to an all encompassing trend. From tiny sub-compact utilities through the compact, mid and full-sized models every auto maker is flooding their lines with SUV’s. Nowhere is the influence of this modern trend seen more clearly than in the high end luxury models … Read More

Volkswagen Car Show and Swap Meet March 3, 2018

Volkswagen Car Show

Attention Volkswagen Enthusiasts der Luftkühlers Volkswagen Car Show and Swap Meet – Volkswagen This Saturday. Sponsored by: KARPARTS Location: Volkswagon meetup at Karparts on Greens Road. 2646 Greens Road, Houston, TX 10AM to 3PM FREE No entry fee for cars or spectators Complimentary Hot Dogs http://dlkweb.org/

Something for Everyone, DFW Auto Show

New RAM Lone Star Sport

Whether you sip champagne for breakfast or are managing on a beer budget there was a transportation answer at the DFW Auto Show. Under the roof of the Kay Baily Hutchinson Convention center three hundred and fifty thousand dollar Bentleys rubbed elbows with sixteen thousand dollar KIA’s. No matter which end of the price spectrum you fit the theme seemed … Read More

Freedom Boat Club

Freedom Boat Club logo

Owning a power boat can be a lot of fun, but it is also a pain in the butt. Apart from the expense of buying, insuring and maintaining the craft you also have to have a vehicle capable of towing it, a place to keep it and the time to clean it up before and after each us use. Through … Read More

Auto Show coming to Houston

HOUSTON (Dec. 5, 2018) – Texans don’t play it small, and neither is the Houston Auto Show in celebrating its 35th anniversary. More than 700 of the latest model year imports and domestic vehicles will cover the entire 700,000 square feet of the NRG Center January 24-28, 2018. Experience the anticipation of concept cars, the nostalgia of classics and ultra-luxuries, and test drive … Read More

Nissan TITAN; Big Trucks for Small Bucks

Red Nissan TITAN Pro 4X

  Nissan offers big trucks for small bucks When you’re shopping for a new truck you want to match them up for equipment and capability, but then you look for value. At a recent major truck event one badge, Nissan Titan, took best value in the three most highly contested categories. Nissan came in strength to this year’s Texas Auto … Read More

Ford Fusion Hybrid and Energi

Red Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion has been one of the most popular mid-size sedans available for the last several years. Ford has offered a Hybrid edition for most of those years and last year added the plugin hybrid version known as the Energi. The addition of the plugin hybrid Energi brings Ford into a more competitive position among the eco- friendly consumer. … Read More

2017 Ford F 150 XLT, America’s most popular truck

Blue 2017 Ford F 150

There is a reason that the Ford F 150 has been America’s best selling vehicle for years. The first quarter of 2017 saw a 10% increase in those sales despite an overall downturn in new vehicle sales. What is the reason for the tremendous success of Ford’s half ton pickup? It combines function, comfort and style while offering decent mileage … Read More