Toyota Land Cruiser

2016 Toyota Landcruiser Image

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser

This SUV is the pinnacle of Toyota’s offerings, providing first class luxury and unbeatable off road capability. The Land Cruiser is not for everyone, not at a base price of 84,000 dollars, but for those in the market for a high end full size SUV this is a must see.

The first impression of the Land Cruiser is spectacular. The soft leather covered and well cushioned seats, the solid thump of the doors as they close, the large and clear center infotainment screen, the layout of the controls and gauges all combine to have you nodding your head in pleasure. The 14 speaker stereo provides concert hall sound that is not distorted by unwanted outside noise at any speed. The ride over any highway surface is smooth and quiet, almost gliding over the roadway.

Powered by Toyota’s 5.7 liter V8 engine with Variable Valve Control that produces 381 horsepower there is plenty of power to get down the road, but it is not a hot rod. Weighing in at over 5700 pounds empty this is a lot of vehicle to move. That substantial weight is sensed in the ride quality. You know you are in a solid well-built truck.

Fuel economy is not great, 15 combined, with 13 city and 18 highway, but remember the old saying, if you have to ask what the fuel economy is you probably can’t afford this car.

When you pick out your 2016 Land Cruiser you have little to decide other than color. This is an all-in deal. Toyota’s base Land Cruiser has everything they offer, and that is an impressive list. There are no option packages for Land Cruiser. For the base price you get; Auto dimming headlamps, rain sensing wipers, anti-lock brakes, traction control, blind spot monitors, cross traffic detection, front and rear parking aids, 360 view camera system, 2 rear seat 11 inch screens with connections for DVD, RCA or HDMI inputs and JBL audio with all of the navigation, apps and Bluetooth

See all around as you off-road

See all around as you off-road

you could want. The off road equipment includes a locking center differential, off road turn assist, Multi-Terrain visual display that allows you to see everything around the vehicle as you negotiate the trail, crawl control and hill assist.

This is a fully capable off road luxury SUV. In the tradition of Land Cruisers since 1957

1957 Land Cruiser Image

The original Land Cruiser

this is designed to get you from point A to point B no matter where point B may be. Then Toyota went to work to make it what I consider the most comfortable and luxurious SUV on the market.

As a practical vehicle it does a great job. There is 81 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats folded. With them down it will seat 8 adults. The truck can tow 8100. It is considerably shorter than full sized pickups and can turn in a 38 foot circle.

The keyless entry and start is a huge convenience and the only thing lacking that I could find is that there is no remote start. It is offered as a dealer installed option.

Priced to compete with the Escalade and Land Rover the Land Cruiser beats both when all the options are considered.

If you are looking for a capable off road luxury car this is the one to pick.

Price as tested 84,820