The 2018 Chevy Silverado is not the, lightest, or quickest, or most comfortable pickup in its class. Nor does it tow the most, get the best fuel economy or have the latest technology inside. However, the Silverado is a good enough blend of all these qualities to make it the second best selling vehicle in America and the top seller for General Motors. 100 years of fierce brand loyalty help keep the sales numbers looking good.

The current generation of the Silverado is now 5 years old

with only minor changes along the way. It appears a bit dated against the other trucks in its class, particularly inside the cabin. For many buyers that doesn’t matter because they either like the traditional styling or are buying the Chevy pickup because it does the job well.

Chevy offers a Silverado for almost any job or lifestyle with an assortment of bed, cab and powertrains that make the truck a go anywhere, do anything platform. From the base Work Truck with a single cab and full 8 foot bed to the top of the line High Country with a spacious crew cab and short bed people andn cargo hauling options abound. The standard 4.3 liter V6 engine with 255 horses comes in the WT and LS trims with the more powerful 350 horse 5.3 liter as an option. The LT and LTZ come with the 5.3 standard and the 6.2 as the larger choice. Depending on engine you get wither the slightly dated 6 speed automatic or the newer, better fuel economy 8 speed.

Four wheel drive is offered on all models and with all engine options but for the best Chevy has to offer in off road ability the Z71 package. The Silverado’s high ground clearance, short approach angles and locking differentials make it a very capable off road vehicle, but its sheer size prevents it from going a lot of places.

Silverado roomy and comfortable interior


The interior is roomy and comfortable with broad seats and decent back support. The Silverado ride quality is on par with most sedans, giving the driver a smooth cruise on most roads and absorbing the worst of the bumps. Leg, shoulder and head room is excellent front and rear in the crew cab. All trim levels offer an amazing assortment of places to store, stash and hide your stuff plus a huge center console with the bucket seat option.

The Silverado is easy to drive despite its large size and boxy corners. Parking aids front and rear can help keep you from bumping into things in tight spaces. Lane keeping alerts aid keeping the wide body between the lines. Acceleration is good, but pedal feel isn’t progressive, the last inch takes a definite effort to move. Braking distance is good and our 4 wheel disc brakes shut the heavy pickup down from 60 in about 130 feet, but with a pronounced nose dive. Steering feel and feedback are soft and in corners we got a fair amount of body roll and if we hit a bump with a wheel in the turn it would skitter a bit.

Chevy has upped their game with technology

in 2018 adding the 7 inch infotainment to all models, even the base WT. The Chevy MyLink platform brings Bluetooth, Apple Car Play,

Chevy upgraded the technology


Android Auto and a back up camera to all of their pickups. The upgrade to the 8 inch screen and the better functions it brings is a good investment. It too has Apple Car Play and Android Auto, but you may not feel you need to use them. Wireless charging is also available on most models.

Sadly missing from the current Silverado is keyless entry and ignition, blind spot monitors and active cruise control. Hopefully these will find their way into the all new 2019 model coming out soon.

The 2018 Chevy Silverado is a fine truck despite its dated styling and technology. Our test truck with all the available options stickers at just over 61,000.

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