2018 Nissan Rogue

In a utility vehicle frenzied world the Nissan Rogue hits a sweet spot of usability, drivability and price. The Rogue is offered with 5 or 7 passenger seating and comes as front wheel or all wheel drive. The ease of getting in and out and the ability to carry 82 cubic feet of stuff make the Rogue a popular choice for young families. The all new Pro-Pilot Assist feature could prove to be very a popular safety addition.

The Pro-Pilot Assist

system is a semi-autonomous driving program that will follow lane markings to keep the car centered in your lane, keep a pre-set distance from the car ahead and bring the vehicle to a full stop then resume the following as traffic demands. It also incorporates emergency braking and collision alert to help avoid crashes. The system does require driver attention and it will not pilot the car all by itself, however, for those times when you mind is taken off the road to tend to kids, answer the phone you shouldn’t have with you, or reach for that thing just out of easy grasp it could save an expensive or deadly accident. It is currently optional on the SL trim level.

The 2018 Rogue comes in 3 basic trim levels, S, SV and SL, each comes with 2 or all wheel drive and the SV and SL are also available as a hybrid. All models come with a 7 inch infotainment screen offering Apple Car Play and Android Auto, air conditioning, power windows and door locks. The SV and SL have dual zone AC and the keyless entry with push button start. The higher trims also offer navigation and surround view camera.

Nissan has placed a lot of emphasis on safety

with the Rogue. All trims come with automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitors and rear cross traffic alert. The SL adds pedestrian detection and lane keeping alert and assist. The full line has traction control, stability control and anti-lock braking.

The real strong point of the Rogue is the quality of the drive. While not a powerhouse with a sedate 170 horsepower it does pace traffic well and can pass the slower ones easily. Ride quality is very good and the Nissan Zero Gravity seating is a pleasure even after several hours behind the wheel. The Rogue maneuvers well, its mild suspension gives some body roll in faster corners but absorbs road bumps. At low speed the steering may feel a bit heavy but the feedback is good and the sense of control is positive. Braking is average for this class stopping from 60 mph in about 120 feet.

Entry into the Rogue is very easy. The wide door and seat height make are just right and even those with some mobility issues will find it one of the easiest to get in and out of. The rear seats can slide as much as 9 inches to improve leg room for taller back seat passengers.

Overall the Rogue is easy to drive and fits well with the driver who buys a car for the purpose, not the experience.

Nissan continues to use the CV transmission and over the years has improved it tremendously. Many car makers have picked up on it because it helps with performance and economy in lower powered vehicles. It is a bit different and a new user may take some time to get used to the CVT experience. It has a small lag on acceleration and lacks shift points.

The Rogue is priced right.

You can get the S model for as little as $24,800 and at that entry point the car is well equipped with safety and entertainment features. Move us to the SV and the base price goes to $26,020 but adds dual zone AC and a motion activated lift gate and some other goodies, the top of the line SL starts at 31,180. Our test car, fully loaded with all the available options including the ProPilot Assist and all wheel drive stickered for a little over 36 grand.

For more information, full specs and pricing go the Nissans site