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Owning a power boat can be a lot of fun, but it is also a pain in the butt. Apart from the expense of buying, insuring and maintaining the craft you also have to have a vehicle capable of towing it, a place to keep it and the time to clean it up before and after each us use.

Through the Houston Boat Show we came to meet Bill and Scott from the Freedom Boat Club. Their unique form of boating eliminates all but the fun part of getting on the water. The Freedom Boat Club offers memberships in boat ownership which allow you a boat for skiing, partying or fishing near home and at more than 140 locations across the country,

You show up, load up and have fun, When you’ve had all the fun you can stand for the day you park the boat in a slip and go home, Someone else cleans it.

In this audio from the Auto Mojo Radio Show you will hear Bill and Scott talk about some of the advantages of the Freedom Boat Club, locations around Texas and how you can use a boat all over the country as a benefit of a membership.

For more information you can call them at 888-781-7363 or go to

Interview on air January 6, 2018