Mustang GT, American Muscle

High Tech Dash of the GT

2018 Ford Mustang GT

Arguably the most iconic car of modern automotive history the 2018 Mustang continues to push the edge of technology and performance. For those interested in high performance the best thing that happened to spur on the advancement of the Mustang has been the Camaro. The 2 muscle cars compete for the affections of enthusiasts by continually increasing horsepower, improving handling and incorporating cutting state of the art electronics in an effort to claim supremacy.

Our Ford Mustang GT test car came fully loaded with every performance option available and some tech goodies we expect on more

Mustangs 5 liter V8 kicks out 460 horses

Mustangs 5 liter V8 kicks out 460 horses

sedate family coupes. Each of the options bump the base price up and the base GT can quickly top 50 grand.

The Mustang Performance Package added

the variable tuned exhaust that allows a baffle to direct the flow of exiting gases, changing the sound and tune of the tail pipes. The stiffened chassis helps control the body flex of the 460 horsepower as it lights up the rear wheels. 19 inch, 40 series Michelin tires and a Torsen limited slip rear end connect all the power to the ground and 6 piston Brembo brakes help bring it all to a stop. Our GT also had the Magnaride shocks that allow tuning for street, track or wet and still dampen most of the road harshness from the driver’s seat.

Select your performance level with mode select

Select your performance level with mode select

Toggle switches low in the center stack allow the driver to quickly select performance modes from street to track to drag and wet roads. Each changes not only the engine performance significantly but also, the steering response, suspension and what is displayed in the new for 2018 12 inch center cluster display. From the basic fuel economy graphics to track and lap timers this new display puts important information right in front of the driver. There is also Launch Control and Electronic Line lock to really get you off the line with a bang,  and When ordered with Rocaro seats and 6 speed manual transmission it approaches the ride and performance of the GT 350.

Added to our test car was the active cruise control, collision alert and mitigation, blind spot monitors with cross traffic alert, lane departure warnings with correction and the Sync 3 system for infotainment. The keyless entry and start includes the unique features of the My Key system. My Key allows the “master driver” to set limits on speed and radio volume as well as preventing the second driver from turning off safety features such as lane keeping and blind spot monitors or traction control. For those with inexperienced or irresponsible drivers this can be a life saver.

A major restyle in 2016 gave the Mustang a more retro look, but that was the visible part of the redo. Adding independent rear suspension greatly improved the handling of the 54 year old Pony car. New engine options and now a 10 speed automatic transmission gave not only better economy but also enhanced the drivability of the small car.

The base Mustang now comes with

the turbo charged 4 cylinder EcoBoost engine that kicks out an impressive 310 horses and 350 foot pounds of torques, more than enough for the average driver. With the manual transmission and only base features the sticker is an affordable $25,680 and the GT starts at 10 grand more, $35,190. But, as I said, you can very quickly run that price over 50 thousand with the options available for the GT.

The interior of the Mustang is reasonably comfortable for 2 and even though it has a back seat it is in name only being little more than a

Mustang interior is comfortable and contained

Mustang interior is comfortable and contained

padded self for storage. No normal sized person could sit there for long. The sporty attitude of the Mustang is carried out inside with everything designed to inspire the need for speed. Visibility is improved with a slightly lower hood and the available blind spot monitors make lane changing much safer. The Ford Sync 3 system is one of the best on the highway offering great access to apps, navigation with voice control and Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The screen is clear and controls are easy to use. The Sirius XM radio option lets you play over 100 satellite channels and the available Shaker Audio system can crank out the tunes.

Of course not everyone wants, or can afford, the butt kicking GT with all the options. Most will be more than happy with regular old Mustang. You can get the new 10 speed automatic or the 6 speed manual in any trim level and nothing says Mustang class like a Mustang convertible.

The tradition of American Iron lives on in the new Mustang. Adjust your attitude, drive a Mustang.

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