2019 Mustang GT PP2, Performace on a Budget

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The new 2019 Mustang GT PP2, Performance Package Level 2, is not for the weak-willed driver;

this car will outperform the abilities of most 4-wheel pilots. It is apparent the 2019 Mustang GT PP2 has 20 fewer horses than the iconic Bullitt edition. But the modifications to the suspension, gearing and steering make the 460 horsepower more usable and challenging for ambitious drivers.

We had the Bullitt and the GT PP2 for back to back week-long drives. While either version of the Mustang will delight performance enthusiasts, the GT PP2 is far and away the better sports car. The Performance Package 2 brings several vital changes or additions to the Mustang that raise it from a fast and fun to drive Bullitt to a serious road and track star.

MagnaRide is the secret to success for the Mustang GT

The Package includes; the Magnaride electronically controlled suspension with heavier springs tuned to racing. Not to mention stiffer anti-sway bars, Brembo brakes, K-bracing, and a heavier duty radiator. The Rev-matching 6 speed manual transmission with a linear action clutch, a 3.73 ratio really connects the driver with the car.

2019 Mustang GT Brembo Brakes

2019 Mustang GT Brembo Brakes

Torsen limited-slip differential and Michelin P-Cup 2 tires appear worn out to the novice observer.

Based on all of these track-oriented modifications, I would have expected the PP2 to be an uncomfortably rough ride for daily driving. However, the magic of the Magnaride electronic dampeners allows you to dial using a toggle on the center stack between Normal, Sport and Track. This isolates most of the aggressive stiffness of the mods.

Active Valve Exhaust is now available on most Mustangs but is appreciated on the 5-liter Coyote engine. The exhaust note is thrilling to any performance enthusiast . Having the ability to open up the exhaust flow, or tone down the noise tunes the car to your need or emotions at the time. The Quiet Mode allows you to leave early for work without waking all the neighbors.

High-performance on a beer budget

Our test car was a base Mustang GT Fastback, not the premium edition. It lacked such creature comforts as power seats, and driving aids like blind-spot monitors. However, as equipped, the car priced out in the low 40’s and performed just one small notch below the GT350 that costs more than $59,000. Options on our PP2 included the 301A package that is required with the Level 2 performance option. In addition, Recaro racing seats and the $6500 Performance Package Level 2 options  makes the car fun to drive.

The 301A pack includes dual-zone AC, Sync 3 with voice recognition, Apple Car Play, and Android Auto, as well as LED lighting on both ends of the car. Line Lock and Launch Control are included for “Track Use Only”, according to Ford.

Final Thoughts

While the 2019 Mustang GT PP2 is fast in a straight line, the true character of the car shines when the road starts to twist and turn. The stiffened suspension, fast and responsive electronic power steering, excellent body control, and Magnaride dampening combine to glue the Michelin P-Cup tires to the ground. The car will hold more than 1 G in a turn and challenge your courage to push it to the limit. The Michelins are summer tires, and aren’t

The Mustang GT lets you clock your runs

The Mustang GT lets you clock your runs

made for wet weather or slippery roads. But give them dry pavement and they grip like an Arkansas wood tick. The 2019 Mustang GT PP2 exceeded my abilities as a driver.

There are a couple of things to be aware of if you plan to push the PP2 to its limits. There are no auxiliary coolers for the transmission or differential as found on the GT350. On a hard track day, you will have to let them cool off periodically or risk serious damage. Thankfully, there are gauges to read the temps.

If you are looking for a fast, fun car to drive that will allow you to challenge your abilities behind the wheel, the 2019 Mustang GT PP2 is a great choice.

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