2015 Lexus RX 350

Lexus RX 350

2015 Lexus RX 350 The Lexus RX 350 5 door SUV offers a combination of comfort and luxury for those seeking a 5 passenger utility vehicle and does it with style. Our test RX came with the premium and comfort packages included giving us a test car two steps down from the top of the line. The RX 350 is … Read More

2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid Review

2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid As the 2015 Camry we were scheduled to road test pulled into the parking space at my business the restyling was obvious. The bold new front grille is a definite take off of the Lexus styling and looks good on this poor cousin. The new front fascia sports large turn signal lamps on each corner giving … Read More

Ford F350 King Ranch

2015 F350 KING Ranch Ford has long been the pace setter for the pickup truck marketplace and remains so today. While others are closing the gap Ford is still the icon of personal trucks. The 2015 F350 King Ranch with dual rear wheels is the beast of pickups. Whether you need a heavy duty truck for the jobsite or to … Read More

2015 Ford Expedition King Ranch

Courtney Alva, Away We Go Baby

Courtney Alva is a wife and mother of 2 1/2 (one on the way) who writes her review from the point of view of the parent trying to deal with kids and all their necessary paraphernalia while hauling them around town. She is the owner of Away We Go Baby where she practices as a Doula and birth coach. Here … Read More

Houston Auto Show Chrysler Fiat

The Houston Auto Show – Chrysler/Fiat by John Miller Member of the Texas Auto Writers Association Owner operator of Freedom Automotive Service’s Lynn Beckwith (That Car Lady) and I started at the Chrysler exhibit where we were introduced to the redesigned Chrysler 300M. This full size sedan has been a mainstay of Chrysler for more than 60 years and now … Read More

The MOJO Trio visit the Houston Auto Show

The Houston Auto Show January 21 – 25 at NRG Center If you are an auto enthusiast or think you may be looking to buy a car in the coming year the Houston Auto Show is definitely a must for you. It is the once a year chance to look at almost every manufacturer’s offerings in America. As you enter … Read More

What is a good used car to buy?

What’s a good used car to buy? We are often asked, “What is a good used car?” Finally someone has done a study and shared the results with us. Steven Lang from Motoramic (Yahoo Autos) did a yearlong study of 300,000 used cars sold at auction and has come up with results that might help us avoid a bad choice … Read More

The Road Trip Phenomenon

The Road Trip Phenomenon By: Lynn Beckwith, That Car Lady KPRC 950AM As gas prices plummet, taking a road trip becomes an inexpensive opportunity to load your vehicle with gear and family and explore. Road trips are a phenomenon, difficult to replicate in any other form of travel. Please take this small amount of inspiration and our pledge to keep … Read More

The Truck of Texas

2014 Truck Rodeo awards   Looking for a new truck or SUV? I recently had the great luck to attend the Texas Auto Writer’s Annual Truck Rodeo in San Antonio. This is an event put on each year to give the manufacturers an opportunity to display all their SUV, CUV and truck line up to journalists side by side with … Read More

Spring Roundup

Spring Roundup Once every year the Texas Auto Writers Association puts on the Spring Auto Roundup. Manufacturers, of domestic, Asian and European automobiles are invited to bring their cars for automotive journalists, like Jim, Lynn and myself, to evaluate the vehicles: head to head. This year there were 45 cars, from 19 manufacturer’s divisions competing in 14 categories. There was … Read More