Self Driving Cars – Coming Soon To A Street Near You!

“Every car sold in America in 2030 will be capable of autonomous driving.” That is the prediction of many working on the technical side of the automotive industry. They also predict that the high end luxury models of about 2020 will be the first production autonomous cars to hit the road. As an “Automotive Journalist” (LOL) I get access to … Read More

Texas Laws

Texas Laws Cell Phones As of September 1, 2013 it is illegal to use a cell phone ANY PLACE on school property during school zone hours. The exception is if you are stopped or using a hands free device. This prohibition includes any cell phone use; calls, texting or game playing. Of course it is still illegal for any driver … Read More

Right Turn Lane Only To Save Gas

Right Turn

Three rights make a left Are you interested in improving gas mileage and reducing the chances of an accident? UPS, one of the world’s largest fleet operators has a unique take on how to do it. Turn right! Think of how often each day you wait in the left hand turn lane for traffic to clear with your engine idling … Read More

Considering buying a new car?

Are you considering buying a new vehicle? You are not alone, new car sales were higher in August than any time since the economic downturn began six years ago. With higher sales dealerships are having trouble keeping enough vehicles on their showroom floors. There are many things to consider before you buy; and one that gets a lot of attention … Read More

Bad repair considered Deceptive Trade

From; Fender Bender, a trade magazine for the Auto Collision Industry North Carolina Shop to Pay Six-Figure Settlement for Deceptive Trade Practices Aug. 26, 2013—Tindol Ford Collision Center in Gastonia, N.C., was recently ordered to pay a six-figure settlement after the company was found guilty of multiple counts of unfair and deceptive trade practices during repairs to a customer’s vehicle. … Read More

Higher Technology

We are all used to the constant introduction of high technology on our cars. It has become almost commonplace for some new innovative feature to appear with each new model. The infotainment gizmos usually garner all of the attention, but safety features are what the car makers spend most of their R&D dollars on. We have all probably seen the … Read More

Is the Dealer Better?

The image above is not the result of an accident; it is showing how much of the car we had to take apart to “fix” the unacceptable repairs done by a dealer body shop after the original accident. Unfortunately even new cars can be involved in accidents. Often when one of our customers has had a new or fairly new … Read More

Fiat 500L

Lynn and I recently were invited to the Houston roll out of the new Fiat 500L. This event was held at Helfman Fiat on the Katy Freeway. The new 500L is a 5 door version of the popular Italian import that Fiat hopes will allow them to get a better penetration into the young family car buying market. The base 500, … Read More