America’s Sports Car

The Corvette has long been the dream car of red blooded American high school boys and lots of many rational and mature adults. The Corvette Stingray is a national icon, the standard bearer of American sports cars, and a symbol of status, success and independence. It is also a fun car to drive! The 2019 C7 Corvette Stingray is the last year for this body and much of the hype now is about the soon to come C8 mid-engine model for 2020. While the mid-powered Vette may inspire excitement there is a lot to consider with the proven platform, powertrain and electronics of the 2019 Corvette. Corvette comes in three configurations, the base Stingray, the ZO6 high-performance version and the all out road warrior, the ZR1. Pricing begins in the mid-fifties and can easily climb well over 100,000. A base coupe at a bit over 55 thousand provides all the Corvette experience most people will ever need.

Our test car was a base coupe, with a few add on packages. The $9700 3LT package added NAPA leather power seats with power lumbar and bolster, suede trim and leather wrapped dash, doors and steering wheel, premium audio, heads up display and curb view cameras. Also added to our test Corvette was the ZO7 Ultimate Performance package that included Brembo Ceramic brakes, PS Cup tires and the ZO7 suspension, all for only another 8-grand. The automatic 8-speed paddle shift transmission cost $2000 and the Grand Sport Heritage decals and hash marks bumped it up another $775. All toll the final sticker price on the test ride was $86,430. The ZO6 base price is $81,000 and the ultimate Corvette ZR1 starts at $123,000. When you go to the Corvette build site the list of options is long and comprehensive with all sorts of appearance and performance goodies. The Corvette is still available for buyer pickup at the Bowling Green plant. You can see the accessory list here on the Corvette site

Corvette is about driving

The drive experience in the Corvette is amazing. The car runs as if it were on rails, tracking firm and flat through curves and corners. The acceleration is powerful with the base model blasting from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. The ZO6 can do it in 2.95 seconds and the ZR1 knocks that down to 2.85 seconds. If you want to try it yourself the Vette comes with a built in 0 to 60 timer that starts when you accelerate and stops when the speedometer crosses the 60 mark. Fun to try! The 6.2-liter V8 makes 460 horsepower in the base edition and comes in at a 7.5 to 1 power to weight ratio. There is no shortage of horses to move the light car. If you really want to experience the fun of driving it opt for the standard 7 speed manual transmission! The cabin is built for the driving experience, without sacrificing comfort and modern convenience. Most people under 6 feet tall will have little trouble slipping into the seats. Taller drivers may find it a lot easier to take the top off to get in. Once in the car you find yourself surrounded by the firm grip of a seat designed to absorb the performance capability of the dynamic vehicle. Bolsters hold the driver firmly centered even in fast corners and the well padded, contoured cushions, excellent lumbar and power adjustments make even long drives comfortable.

Bose stereo and climate control

Entertainment is handled by a version of the Chevy Mylink infotainment slightly redesigned to fit the Corvette look and feel. Of course, smartphone integration is a cornerstone of the system and Bose sound surrounds the small cabin. Dual zone climate control and heated seats enhance the comfort. A new feature is the curb camera that allows the driver to see the nose of the car avoiding the nemesis of most Corvettes, curb stops. Judging the position of the long low-slung front fascia and air dam is difficult without this view and damage is inevitable. The C7 series of the Corvette improves on an already impressive car, continuing the Corvette legacy of America’s Sports Car. Watch our video review on You Tube