The luxury pickup truck battle may have a new champion in the 2019 Ford F150 Limited! From the lustrous paint to the soft leather active motion seats the new Limited projects a sense of elegance and quality expected from high-end luxury sedans. The story doesn’t end there, the F150 Limited packs the most powerful engine of any truck in the class and brings a full suite of driver’s aids and amenities.

Most powerful gasoline engine in a pickup

Our test vehicle, a Ruby Red F150 Limited, is the most powerful half-ton pickup on the market, sharing a powerplant with Ford’s off-road terror, the Raptor. 450 horsepower and 510 foot pounds of torque from the 3.5-liter, twin-turbo engine gives the 5600-pound pickup unmatched acceleration and performance. My seat of the pants, smartphone timed, 0 to 60 miles per hours runs were consistently in the low 6-second range, the best one at 6.2 seconds. More accurate timing and staging may get the times into the high 5-second range.

Externally the F150 Limited is set apart with a distinctive satin finish grille sporting bright minor accents wrapping around Ford’s LED quad headlamps with LED park light surrounds in the front. The leading edge of the hood holds the LIMITED badging. In the rear LED taillamps bracket the tailgate with a LIMITED badged applique.

There are 5 selectable drive modes operated from a switch on the side of the console shifter. Each reprograms electronic controls on the transmission, timing and fuel systems, traction control and turbos to tailor the truck to street, snow, sand or track. On the Limited these are not subtle differences, but real and significant changes to the way the truck performs

I expected to see “Premium Fuel Only” labels on the filler lid and fuel gauge but didn’t. While the best performance will come with the high price gas, you can putter about town on good old regular petrol.

Luxury and high-tech inside

The 2019 F150 Limited brings more than outstanding performance, you also find premiere quality fit and finish inside and out, a quiet cabin and well-planned placement of everything the driver needs. Passenger comfort is high on Ford’s priorities in the limited. Entry is eased with power deploying running boards and lighted sill plates. The seats are leather sheathed two-tone equivalents of your home recliner with massage, heat and cooling. The dual-zone climate control system rapidly cools or warms the cab and operates from either the center stack touch screen or old fashion buttons and knobs. Power adjustable pedals and power tilt and telescoping steering wheel, combined with the Active Motion seats allow almost limitless driver position selections. Body soundproofing and noise insulating glass keep the cabin noise level low as the Bang and Olufsen 10 speaker, 1000-watt sound system fills it with premium audio. Once you’ve found the perfect position in the exceptionally comfortable seats you start the F150 Limited with a push of the starter button. Next, you select the information you want to be displayed on the instrument cluster. Multiple screen options allow you to see anything from truck operational status and off-road information to fuel economy and trip logs. The enormous panoramic moon roof cover opens halfway or fully with the push of a button, flooding the cab with daylight. If you prefer a darker mood the tinted glass up front and privacy windows in the rear keep you as isolated as the law allows on the road.

The F150 Limited driving experience is excellent. The combination of abundant power, positive steering control, aggressive braking and a superb suspension give a feeling of control found in few vehicles. There is minimal body roll on corners and almost no nose-dive under hard braking. The tuned suspension filters out bumps and jars, delivering a smooth ride through our rumpled world. Features such as adaptive cruise control and lane keeping help reduce driver stress and contribute to the joy of driving the F150 Limited.

Not all is roses with the new Limited. I found the key fob uncomfortably large to carry in a pocket. The gear shifter is too big, and the truck lacks low-speed cornering lamps. I guess no truck is perfect.

2019 F150 Limited is Ford’s most expensive Pickup

It is the most expensive half-ton Ford has ever sold, increased several thousand dollars from last year. The better engine and electronics justify a price increase, but the $67,000 base price for a 2-wheel drive is pushing the envelope. On top of the staggering base price, many of the options I would expect to be included in a top of the line truck are costly add-ons. The Ford tailgate step is a $375 option, and a trailer towing package sets you back another $995. If you use the Ford website build feature, you find out a fully-loaded, 4-wheel drive Limited can set you back over $75,000. How can Ford justify the price; people will buy it. F150 Limited owners will be an exclusive group.

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