The Best, and the Worst, Rides of the Year

, MiataBy John Miller and Lynn Beckwith What makes a car or pick up the best, or the worst? How do you pick the best car for you? There are basic metrics that you can find in a hundred different reviews, articles, and maker’s websites. The selection may vary considerably based on the driver’s needs and budget. Let’s not forget … Read More

2018 Challenger Scat Pack, Power at a Value Price

The Scat Pack with 485 horsepower

2018 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack The retro style Dodge Challenger was re-introduced in 2008 as Dodge’s entry into the muscle car market. While it has had a few minor refreshes since they have not messed with the 70”s styling that made the Challenger an instant success. Most of what has improved on the Challenger are the things that make it … Read More