Why Service My Differential, Brakes or Power Steering?

Differential Service (rear wheel drive)
The differential, or “rear end” of your car is what actually gets the engine power connected to the ground through the rear wheels. The gears inside the differential turn at up to 5000 time a minute and strain against the full weight of your car and whatever you are towing. These high stress gears are lubricated by about 3 quarts of oil with no filtering system.

Most manufacturers recommend that the differential gear oil be changed on a periodic basis ranging from 30 to 50 thousand miles. Considering that there is no filter to keep the differential fluid clean we recommend the fluid be changed at least every 30,000 miles and more often if you tow very much.

BG Products makes a synthetic fluid for differentials that will help protect and lubricate the gears and bearings in the differential. BG offers an extended warranty for 7 years and 150,000 miles to cover the cost of repairs to the differential. To qualify for the warranty you need to service the rear end before 36,000 miles or 3 years and maintain a regular service every 30,000 or 2 years after that.
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4 Wheel Drive, or all wheel drive
Four Wheel drive vehicles have 2 differentials and a transfer case. The transfer case connects the transmission to both the front and rear differentials. The service recommendations for the second differential are the same as a 2 wheel drive car or truck. The transfer case is serviced on the same schedule as the transmission. If you use your 4 wheel drive off road, especially in muddy conditions it needs to be serviced much more often.
Both the 4 wheel drive differential and the transfer case can qualify for the BG Products warranty.
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Brake Fluid Flush
Stopping your car fast and in a straight line anytime, every time is the most important safety feature on your car. Modern brake systems use advanced electronics and computers to improve braking control. Brake fluid is a specially blended fluid used to transfer the hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder to the individual wheels. One of the design characteristics of brake fluid is that it will absorb moisture. It will keep the water trapped in solution and prevent it from damaging the sensitive brake control parts. Once the fluid has reached saturation free moisture starts to damage your brake system.
European and Asian car makers have recommended changing the brake fluid every 2 years for a long time. Recently domestic car makers joined in this recommendation.

We recommend that the fluid be completely flushed every 2 years, or whenever you have a brake repair done to your car.
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Power Steering Service
One of the most overlooked and important systems on your car is the power steering, and most manufacturers have no service recommendation for it. Cars and light duty trucks today generally have rack and pinion type steering systems. High pressure fluid from the engine driven pump is used to move a hydraulic ram under the chassis and turn the tires. The fluid operates at about 200 degrees and at pressures of 1500 to 2000 pounds per square inch. Gradually the fluid deteriorates from heat and pressure and internal components of the system wear, as dirt and moisture gets trapped in the fluid. Because of the way the system is designed the dirty fluid circulates unfiltered through the system again and again. Dirt falls out of the fluid when circulation stops and it settles in the lowest points of the system, the rack assembly. A BG Products power steering flush will first circulate a powerful cleaner through the power steering, loosening the trapped deposits. A machine is hooked up that pumps out all the old contaminated fluid and replaces it with high quality BG synthetic fluid and conditioner. Servicing the power steering every 30,000 miles will help to prolong the life of the expensive pump and rack assemblies and keep steering performance like new.

BG Products offers a 7 year, 150,000 mile warranty on your power steering system if it is first serviced before your car is 3 years old or has driven 36,000 miles.
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